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Looking to add gorgeous Roman shades or simple but functional silhouette blinds to your home or office? Then you probably have some questions. Use our FAQ page to get important information and advice on different topics related to window treatments.

When are vertical blinds a good choice?

Vertical blinds work exceptionally well for wide windows and for multiple ones lined in a row. They are a good choice for patio doors as well. Their major advantage is that you can have the stack open to one or both sides for maximum flexibility.

What makes Layered shades special?

Layered shades are made from two layers of fabric. One of the layers is sheer while the other one is thicker and opaque. As a result, you have vanes which let light in and other ones that block it, thus creating a sort of striped pattern. You can adjust the blinds easily to let the desired amount of light in or to reduce how much sunlight gets through.

Which shades are best suited for narrow windows?

Roller shades are a good choice. Their width is easy to customize and they look elegant and impressive, regardless of their size. You can also have only the glass or part of the frame covered, depending on your preferences. The best part is that they are very easy to operate, and can also be motorized to turn their operation automatic.

How do I choose between pleated and flat Roman shades?

The flat ones have a more contemporary look while the pleated models have a more opulent and totally classy appeal. You should definitely consider the decor of your home or office to make the best choice that matches and complements the rest of the layout. You'd be amazed how a simple switch between the two types can greatly enhance the look of the room.

How do cellular shades make rooms more energy-efficient?

This type of window treatment is designed to have one or more layers of fabric cells that, from a side view, create a pattern similar to a honeycomb. The cells are hollow so they trap air inside, thus reducing heat transfer and providing an added method of insulation to any room they're installed in.

How much privacy do sheer window shades offer?

These window covers are not see-through but they do not completely block sunlight. This means that they offer a basic level of privacy, people on the opposite side cannot see you clearly, but they may see silhouettes, especially when the indoor lights are on and it’s dark outside. You can combine these with curtains for greater privacy.


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