Tips On Choosing New Window Coverings

The need for privacy, ambient light control, and low maintenance are important when choosing new window coverings. Blinds and shades can make a great addition to any room. With many types of window treatments available in different colors and materials, you’re sure to find something that will match and complement your home decor, whether your final goal is to achieve a more contemporary look or a traditional one. There’s no need to be concerned about your windows[…]

Could These Be the Blinds of the Future?

  When one opts to buy a set of window roller blinds, there are only a few expectations they may have of the products. Firstly, they need to block out heat and harsh sunlight in a manner that is easy to control. Secondly, they need to provide their home with a certain level of privacy, and lastly, they should add a sense of style to the surrounding decor. Yet some blind manufacturers have taken the[…]

Roller Blinds

Back Roller blinds are designed as either standalone fixtures to cover glass panels and windows or as additional sheer fabric covering for basic slatted blinds to add privacy. Most window treatments, such as shades, roller shades, and blinds offer features that provide added functionality to installed window coverings. Installing custom shade blinds provides more options for preventing light from seeping into a room. Its functionality also extends to adding more color and style that helps[…]

Zebra Blinds

Back Zebra blinds feature a distinctive design with bold horizontal lines and clear, crisp colors that can brighten up a room or space. The design creates various patterns of lights and shades, depending on how far apart the blinds are adjusted. This allows light to flow in the room while maintaining privacy. It can also be adjusted so that sunlight is blocked from coming in – perfect setting to use during high UV level seasons.[…]

Honeycomb Blinds

Back Built with a complete suite of configurable and customizable features, these Honeycomb Blinds may soon become a basic modern home interior décor material. Its cutting edge design and ergonomic structure creates a modern technological effect. Each horizontal panel that is creatively planned to form a honeycomb pattern, when viewed sideways, reflect its concept of a high-technology theme. Perfect for High-tech Homes As a smart home ready window fixture, this window cover can be configured[…]